Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Gifts

Learn : -  People can use God’s gifts/ talents for the work of the Church to help bring about Tika, Rangimarie and Aroha on earth.

Learn to know  you use your taonga (gift from God )  in the church to help bring about the kingdom of God.

Create :- Discuss your gift - e.g. voice to sing
good reader - do the reading or prayer
play an instrument
altar boy
cleaning in the church
Sunday school
Create a DLO to show how you use your Taonga to help the church

At church I use my taonga of, Singing. I’m not a good singer but I try my best to. Reader, I’m not as confident as anyone else is, but I try to use my gift as much as I can.
Last but not least Listening,  I’m not the best in Maths or Physical Education but I use my gift of listening at church.
I listen to Father Iosevo’s homily.

Acrostic Poem:
R - is  for  Restless, I feel restless when I start to read.
E -is  for Edgy, I feel tense and scared as I walk up to the alter.
A -  is for Afraid, I am afraid of making a mistake
D - is  for Desperate, I feel desperate to get it over and done with.
E - is  for Encourage, At the same time it encourages me to do better.
R -  is for Reading,  A reader reads a piece of scripture from the bible.


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