Saturday, July 25, 2015

Netball Recount

23.06.15  Netball Season
Who - Supporters, SPX Y8 TEAM
What - Netball, Sport 2015
When - Term 2 - 3
Where - AMI Netball Courts
Why - For Sport
How - Thrilled,  Intoxicated, Arouse, Motivated, Inspired, Encouraged, Influenced

Flashlights beaming everywhere, Balls bouncing around uncontrollably, Loud  girls howling all over the place.
Netball is a sport I love playing and observing. Tough is the best word to describe the season. For me it was my very first season, and being in a team.

Winning wasn’t an option, for some people it was. I didn’t worry that much about winning. At the end of the day I received something much better than an award,  I got a sisterhood in return. I loved every second of training, observing & playing.

The one game that stayed with me is the last one. I loved every second of it, I didn’t take notice of winning or losing. I enjoyed playing & cheering my teammates on. We have lost 2 games. I grew closer to girls I didn’t really know, which I adored.

The season wasn’t easy, but we kept our heads up. We are like a family, we always stick together.

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