Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Matariki Actvities

Acrostic Poem :
M - is for
Many stars sparkling in the sky.
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A - is for
April, the stars of Matariki disappear in  late April.
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T - is for
The stars appear again in the winter (in late May or early June).
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A - is for
A new beginning, Matariki symbolizes a  new year, a new beginning.
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R - is for
Ritual crops were planted during Matariki to please the gods Uenuku, Rongo & Whiro.
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I - is for
In the months before Matariki, the Tui, Kereru & Kaka were plump and juicy from eating forest berries.
Image result for Tuis

K - is for
Kites, Matariki is a time for making & flying kites.
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I - is for
It is a time to make plans for the future, and to forgive and forget problems of the past.
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