Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mothers Description

My mothers name is Maria. My mother has black hair with brown highlights. She also has black eyes and short hair.She is a fair Samoan. My mother also works at Nutricia. My mother was raised in Apia, Samoa.

My mother loves to go to special occasions like weddings or birthdays. Whenever I am feeling lonely or sad I can go to my mother because she is always there for me. When my mother is sick I care for her, When she is feeling lonely or sad I help her feel better. She loves to spend time with her children and she works hard for them to get a better future.

My mother hates waiting for people and hates her children being sick. My mothers loves spending time with her family, but she doesn’t like going to work.

Without a mother you wouldn’t have clothes, shelter or food. I am thankful for my mother and who she is to me.
My mother loves to meet new people and to talk in her own language. She also loves to cook.

When my mother stays home from work she helps me with my homework. When something is wrong I can go to my mother. She also encourages me with my goals. The only time that I see my mother is either in the weekends or in the morning because of her work schedule.

I love my mother because she buys my school lunch and she paid for my netbook. She gives me water and food a roof above my head. Having a mother is the most important thing in the world. She helps me when I am in need and she washes my clothes. She supports me in everything I do and the last thing she loves me.

Thank you Mum.

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ramonadel said...

Wow sonya i like it and yes it is true with out a mother you won't have clothes but remember you have your father what i did for my mother was that i made her a card and did a flower if you want to make it just type down this.redo how to make a easy flower paper and it will be from ShadowYoyoX. Keep up the great work.

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