Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Sentences More Interesting

In room 6 we are learning how to make our sentences more interesting. Miss Leaupepe wrote simple sentences and we had to turn the smile sentences into a compound sentence. We had to add two words to describe the noun. Here are a few examples. 

The girls danced.
The talented amazing girl danced for her family because it was new years.

The man worked.
The humble tired man works  for his family everyday so they can have a roof under their head.

The boys shouted.
The loud naughty boys shouted in the classroom because they needed a pencil

The donkey brayed.
The ugly smelly donkey brayed for his mother who just passed away.

The fire-fighters hurried.
The exhausted stressed fire-fighters hurried through the fire because a person was stuck.

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Fuatino said...

Great effort making your sentences more interesting Sonya. You have used good adjectives and added more information. I especially like your sentence about the humble man. Keep it up

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