Monday, May 27, 2013


Last Sunday my family and I went to the ZOO. We went to the ZOO because my dad’s work was celebrating it’s birthday. First of all we went to church, then after church we went to the ZOO.

Later on everyone was at the ZOO. It was so cool because there were people who were catering so we didn’t need to take food and we also got any drink that we wanted. Over 600 people came to the ZOO from my dad’s work.

After we had our lunch we went to explore the ZOO. One of my highlights from the ZOO was seeing the different types of animals like a tiger and a cheetah. The best animal that I saw was the elephant.

Later on it started to pour out rain continuously. So we decided to go home, I had an awesome time. Maybe next I go to the ZOO I would see more animals.

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Fuatino said...

This sounds like a great day out Sonya! You were all very lucky. I love the zoo and would love to visit Auckland Zoo sometime.

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