Friday, August 29, 2014

Expressive Writing: Anonymous

Simple: Blue  Compound: Red    Complex: Pink
I’m not perfect. I don’t have that perfect world with perfect people. Let’s face it. This world is cruel, Very cruel. I hate alot of people which is natural I hate this particular person. She/He is sooo annoying and mean. Sometimes she/he reminds me of those cruel people on Oliver Twist. She/he is not so good at what they do. Most of the time she/e scare’s the people they work with. Let’s just say this person’s name is James. James is a carpenter. He makes children cry and always talk’s about his stupid miserable life ( like we care).  James always has something to say.
In other words, I’ve never hate James so much!!

In other words, I’ve never hated somebody so much!!

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Sonya said...

With this piece of writing, I feel that I've really achieved one of my goals.
I just need to practise more on it. One thing I like from this piece of writing, is that I used of alot of good punctuation. One thing that I could work on for next time is using the right punctuation in the right place

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