Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Legend Of Te Arohuruhuru

There was one an old man who was married to a very beautiful woman named Te Arohuruhuru. One night, he woke up. Te Arohuruhuru's cloak had slipped off, displaying her naked body. He thought she looked so beautiful that he called some friends over so he could brag and show them his beautiful wife's body. While they were staring at her, She woke up. She was very embarrassed. The next day, she put on all her jewellery and her best cloaks. She combed her lovely long hair, and put two feathers in it. Then she went to a cliff near the village. Her husband would go under this cliff on his way back from fishing. When her husband's fishing canoe was nearly under the cliff, Te Arohuruhuru started to sing. The song was about her husband em-brassing her. As her husband's cone went past, She jumped from the cliff. From that day on, The Cliff has been called Te Rerenga o Te Arohuruhuru, Or Suicide Point, And this point is out at Akitio

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