Thursday, August 7, 2014

Spanish Words

Recently In Room 7 we've been learning how to speak Spanish. It's part of our Language:)
Here are some words that I'm going to practice ^^

* Hi - Hola
* Hi My Name Is Sonia -  Hola Mi Nombre es Sonia
* Good Morning - Buenos Dias
* Good Afternoon - Buenas Tardes
* Good Evening - Buena  Noches
*  I speak english - Hablo Ingles
* I live in New Zealand - Yo vivo en Nueva Zelanda
* I have 5 sisters - Tengo Cinco Hermanas
* I’m Samoan and Niuean - Estoy de Samoa y Niue
* I go to Saint Pius School -  Voy a San Pío Escuela
* I’m learning to speak spanish - Estoy aprendiendo a hablar español

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