Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Holiday's Recount

I stared at the flat box, the box stared back. Life felt bland and boring. As I hear the engine of a car, I jumped up. I knew that I was going to the Movies. I was spending time with my aunty and her family.

When everyone was ready we zoomed off.  I could see the big tall buildings waving. As we walked into the cinema, butterflies hit my stomach. I was very exciting and curious about what the movie would be like. Before entering the movies we grabbed popcorn and drinks.

We were a couple of minutes early so we had to watch the
ads. Finally the movie started, I was overwhelmed by the excitement in the room. Throughout the 2 hours of the movie,  there were alot of action scenes. I love watching the Fast & Furious series.

At the end of the movie played a song in remembrance of Paul Walker. It was draining and very sorrowful. I  was quite heartbroken that the movie had ended, but very happy that I watched it.

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