Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mothers Day Description

My mother reminds me of a coconut, hard outside, sweet inside. She’s one tough cookie. No one could ever replace the way my mother is. She has a loving nature, especially towards her family and tamariki. My mum is a miracle worker; she’s the best.

Mum has fair skin, and long brown beautiful hair. I love looking at her hair, it makes me jealous. She is not what I would call a normal mother. She's very busy , but seems to make time for her children. I do not how she does it, but she seems to manage 5 naughty girls quite well. Mum is my wonder women.

She would do anything to make me happy. She’s the most strongest mother I know. She gets her beauty from my Nana. I bet she could break through rocks or kill snake if she could. She was brought up in a  big family. I was brought up very strictly.

I didn't see the point of being so strict growing up, but now I do. My mother has been through a big roller-coaster, and is still trying to get up the steepest hill. That’s how much she would do for her family.    Whenever I don't feel quite sure about something, my mother is the one to help me decide. She's like my map, when I'm lost I can rely on her to get me back on track.

My mother is very old fashioned. Even when she growls at me I understand why. I would do anything to make my mother happy, she’s more than just a mother figure to me. She’s my best friend, one that I can trust.

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