Wednesday, May 6, 2015

500 Word Assignment

We were given a deadline to write a 500 word writing. We had a few options to pick from. I chose to write about my favourite day. I ended up having 527 words, and managed to finish it before the deadline hit. I hope you enjoy my writing as I did. 

I have alot of memories, and some of them I would consider a favourite day of mine. But there is this one day out of all of them that I treasure the most. The day I went to Samoa.

The day started with beautiful weather. The sun was as hot  a oven, I felt like I was a fried chicken. It was Sunday, so we had to go Church. I was so excited. I was excited as chicken having an egg. I couldn’t wait. After church we rushed to the airport, it was like a police chase. When we got there we waited for our family to arrive.

My family and I were going with my Grandmother. I knew that it was going to be hard saying goodbye to my family. I was balling my eyes out, the emotion hit me. It felt like we were going forever. It seemed like that as well. Going onto the plane and flying to another country was different to me. I had never left the country, so it that was exciting as well.

As the plane took off I felt my butterflies going up in my stomach. The longer the flight took, the longer I wanted to be in Samoa. When we landed the air conditioner turned on. I didn’t know why but I was about to find out. As we walked down the stairs, I could just feel how thick the air was. I could hardly breath. What made it worse was that there was no conditioner in the Airport.

The night greeted us as we drove into  town. I could hardly see anything, in Samoa there is no lights to show you the way like in New Zealand.  Everything was different in Samoa. As we pulled up into the driveway of our house, I could hear dogs barking I was very scared. It took awhile a get out of the car but eventually I survived.

Throughout the 2 weeks we got the chance to visit alot of own sights. It was heartbreaking seeing the poverty in Samoa. We also got the chance to go to a waterfall. It was very beautiful and scarring. It was very deep so we had to be very careful. Every morning we had to wait for my uncle to pick us up. And for the rest of the day we would spend time with them.

The reason why we went to Samoa was because we had a family reunion. I didn't know anyone in my family, so it was hard to figure who they were. But I was determined to find out who they were. On the second week we  had Christmas with our family. It was like a normal Sunday Lunch but we had Ice- Cream afterwards.

On the last day we had a water fight with my cousins. It was very fun and exciting. We had to give some of our clothes to them. I spent my last day with the dogs. I was crying my eyes out, I couldn't believe it.

As we walked into the airport tears prickled my face, but I was thankful for going on the trip.

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