Thursday, May 28, 2015

Retreat Writing

Excitement traveled around my body, as I walked into the classroom. A wave of anxiety hit me. What if I kept on asking myself. But in the end all of that didn’t matter.
The previous night I thought about what would happen.

Water prickled my eyes when saying goodbye to my fellow friends and family.  I think that getting into the car was the hardest part.  The music exploded into my ears like strikes of thunder, it was unpleasant yet satisfying. A heaven like scene appeared  before our eyes. Gorgeous flowers bloomed all over the bushes, the place was green with a hint of colour.

A tall strange building stood in middle of a bush. It seemed to be a peaceful and relaxing place.  It took my eyes  some time to adjust to the place. It was very different from our city life. Mrs Tui explained it quite well. Inside of the building was astonishing and breathtaking. It was a very quiet and calm place for people to reflect.

The house was filled with joy and colour. We did alot of activities to do with leadership, which was a bonus. A divide scent filled the building. My mouth filled with water smelling this heaven like scent. It made me think about what the food will taste like. As we walked down the stairs, the scent got stronger. Heaven was waiting for us I thought.

Throughout the 2 days of retreat, I had learnt the qualities and skills of being a leader. I also learnt more about my fellow year 8 friends. It was like a life lesson in two days, which seems quite impossible.  I enjoyed Josephine and Brother Philip's company. This experience is one I will remember for a long period of time.

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