Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Expressive Writing

09.06.14 Expressive Writing
I'm going to write about my experience in Samoa, The first time I went to the Beach. I hope you enjoy it.
Water , Cold, Sand, Nice, Tropic, Paradise..

An average day in Samoa, Hot air and  a wild climate.
 The sun was boiling, It drenched me with  sweat. I was  dying to get into the icy, chilled water. Finally I get  into the crisp water.
All of that sweat has been removed by the shivering water. It’s like I can breath now.  The icy cold water removed all my pain. As we walk out, the hot thick air arrives.
The paradise ends, The wind gets colder.
Because of that Cold, Icy water.

As I think of the memories I had with my family, I startle and think about the beach.Such Memories:-)

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