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Writing Prompts

Here are 4 different types of Writing from a Writing Prompt...
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06.06.14 Writing Prompts
My Writing Prompt : Describe the youngest person you know
I know alot of young babies, the youngest of them all Pio. He is like any other baby expect that his very, very chubby. He has fat  cheeks and little eyes. He loves eating food, and loves to be around people. Pio always dribbles and plays. He reminds me of my baby sister Annabelle.They both have alot in common. Annabelle loves to eat and play.
She has those chubby cheeks and adorable eyes. I love them both. Here is my description on what Pio looks like:-)

06.06.14 Writing Prompts
My Writing Prompt: Describe one time when you were brave.

Personally I think that alot of people go through alot each day. To get through does things you have to be brave. Whether you're going to a interview, or even saying a speech. The most important key, is to be Brave.

There was this one time last year, I didn’t know how to ride a bike. We went for a ride around the park and I finally found my balance, until something happened. I was going really fast until I crashed in a rock. I felt really, really numb and sore. I have a scar under my eye and above it.  I knew I had to be brave. So now I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

06.06.14 Writing Prompts
Betuful butterfuly.jpg lol.png
Here is my Writing Prompt : Imagine you were a wonderful painter and your parents would let you paint anything you wanted on your bedroom walls. What would you paint? Use lots of details to describe your artwork.

If I were a artist I would express myself onto the wall. Like for example ; If I were to love dancing so much I would paint things that relate to that. In other words I would express my life into painting.
I would paint flowers and things that represent me. In general I’m half Samoan half Niuean. I would paint there flags. I love butterflies and Flamingoes so I would paint those. All main colour of the wall would be Pink to represent my gender. The butterflies to represent the world around me, and the Flags to represent my culture.
Here are all the features or things I would paint in my room.
19.05.14 Expressive  Writing
My Writing Goals
For this piece of writing I going to try and use a variety of Sentences.
Simple, Compound, and Complex
Do you have any brothers or sisters? If you do, tell what they're like. If not, tell whether or not you would like to have a brother or sister.

I have 5 sisters (In Total), Two are half sisters. My older sister is Suzanne (she’s one of my half sisters) and she’s 21. She has alot of friends and loves to read. Most of the time she’s home, she’s either sleeping or studying.  
My younger sister is Alecia, and she’s 10. She loves
watching movies and reading. Alecia was born a year after me. She also likes going over to a relatives house. Alecia loves to socialize especially  when going to work functions.
My younger sister is Angeline , and she’s 4. She loves playing with friends and loves going to school. Angeline is very naughty. She  loves going on school trips and loves watching Frozen.
My last yonger sister is Annabelle, and she’s 1. She also loves watching Frozen and eating baby food. I love Anabelle because she gives me company. Another reason why I love her is because she’s my youngest sister. Annabelle loves to play with her Cousins:-)

Now you know all about my Siblings:-)

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