Friday, June 20, 2014

My Thoughts On Mrs Pole's Farewell

Mrs Pole

Deja Speaking

Mrs Pole's family

Mrs Pole hugging someone
Mrs Pole Standing

Me hugging Mrs Pole

Folauhola speaking on behalf of the Tongan Students

20.06.24 My From Mrs Pole Farewell

Today was very Emotional, Touching, and Moving day.  We have to farewell  Mrs Pole.
We have a whole school Mass. There were lot of people in the Church. Most of them were Ex students, Parents, Families and the School. The mass went really well. Luckily nobody shed tears.  

The most important part from the mass, for me was when the Presentation was presented. There were alot of sweet words spoken about Mrs Pole.
It was very cool when the Year groups (that Mrs Pole taught) all spoke about Mrs Pole.

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Rosrine said...

WOW Sonya,
I loved the Speech you said to Mrs Pole at her Farewell, and all the photo's are so pretty.

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