Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reading Activity : On Frog Pond :-)

It's early morning on frog pond. As the sun rises, light sparkles on the pond . All sorts of
pond animals are waking up.A busy day is beginning.
    At the edge of the pond, a little green frog sits on a  in the water. He
is hidden here among the  floating plants. He keeps very still and very quiet.
His big, bulging eyes are watching. He's watching for dragonflies. He's watching for
slugs and worms. He's looking for flies. This little frog is hungry for insects.
    Someone else is hungry too. A dragonfly hums softly above the water. She is a fierce hunter,hungry for insects. She hovers near a clump of insects . She can fly in any direction, even backwards and  sideways. Like the frog, she has very
big ears . Suddenly she spots a fly crawling up a tree. She swoops down like an arrow and grabs the  fly with her powerful front legs. Gripping it
tightly , she munches away at it with her sharp teeth  parts.
    The little frog has seen all this before . He turns very slightly. He's ready to pounce, But he keeps very still. He hopes that the insect will take off towards him when she's finished hunting. He hopes she won't notice him sitting still on the  green grass among the pondweed. Soon she flies away.
Personally I think that this activity was a tricky one.
All the words highlighted in Yellow is my answers.
If I get them wrong please comment down below and help me out!!!
Here is a new site I discovered:-)
(It tests you memory)

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