Friday, August 7, 2015

My First Hockey Session

Hockey, is one sport I find quite peculiar and new. We now have hockey  lessons every Wednesday. The first session was one to remember. I don’t like hockey, don’t play it, and don’t watch it. I especially find it impossible to  balance the ball on the stick.

The lesson started off with a warm up, which was running and crawling up and down the hall. I found that fun and tiring. After our warm up’s we started to get into the basic’s of hockey. We learnt the techniques of hitting and stopping. We also had to balance the ball on the stick.

I quite enjoyed practising these skills, it was entertaining and amusing. My favourite part from the lesson was learning how to balance the ball on the stick, even if it was very difficult and  tough.

The first lesson from hockey, was awesome and impressing. I obviously underestimated  hockey,  I thought it would be absolutely bland and boring. But it was the exact opposite.

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