Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Warrior's Visit

Plan :
When - 29.07.15 9 :00
Why -
Where - The Hall, St. Pius X School
Who  - 2 Warrior Players , Students, Teachers/Staff
What -
Talk about themselves
How - Excited , Happy  & Cheery

The bell rang, Everyone  suddenly rushed into the hall like a herd of lions. I knew that  something wasn’t quite right.
As soon as I stepped into the hall everyone was in there lines looking smart and clean, and in front of them were 2 warrior’s. My sudden reaction is what I remember most.

I personally felt happy and excited. We (as a school) played alot of guessing games, and some boys were selected to do some rugby drills. I thought it was a nice way of inspiring our young students. I hope for another visit from the warriors.

I loved the way the way faces lit up, once they started talking.  They were  quite different from our other visitors. After prizes were given,  the boys started on their drills. I personally think that, that was boring. I hate watching rugby.

I thought that it was a great and significant way to start the day. I can’t wait for our next visitors.

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