Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cross Country Recount

The day started off with beautiful shiny weather. I wasn’t  that keen on running but was determined to do so.  It was the day of Cross Country, an event that brings everybody together. Cross Country didn’t start until 1 o'clock, so we had some time to kill.

We had a lot of to do before Cross Country commenced. In Saint Pius we have 4 groups or houses, the whole school is  put into one of these groups. I’m in the Tui's group. Each group had to come up with a chant. Tui’s decided to create a new chant.

When it hit 12 : 45 the bell rang, and everybody lined up in there houses.  We all had to walk down to the start line. The first race was the Room 1 and 4 children. Once the blocks thumped together, all of the children zoomed off.
Then it was our turn. My hands were sweating and my heart thrashing with no end. BOOM ! Off we went.

As I reached the finish line, I started to run. Then all my pain and discomfort came to it’s end. I was relieved and grateful that it was over. It wasn’t quite over yet, we still had our chants to perform. We shouted as loud as we possibly could. The day ended with the sun still shining, and children smiling.

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