Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Magical Trip

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.59.56 AM.png
Thoughts jogging  through my mind. My mind spinning and spinning with endless excitement. This was  caused by our trip to Kelly Tarltons. It first commenced  by  walking down a blue and magical walkway. We walked down until we reached our destination. My first thought was what if ?  or what will happen ?

We were given specific instructions to walk until we reached the Penguins. I loved every moment of it. I wished it had never ended. My favorite part from our first activity was hanging out with my friends. After that we carried on as we walked by,  there were pieces of information for us to read.

The day continued with lots of learning for me, and for the school. When we extended  to the tunnel, I found this  fascinating and beautiful. I adored every bit of staring at the sharks and other marine animals.    

My favorite part from our trip  was the tunnel, because it was an great experience. I would love to go back to Kelly Tarltons.

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