Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saint Pius Feast Day

The day started off with a beautiful glimmer. Children running around like chickens without heads. Teacher's screaming like the world was ending. This mass was cruel and every little detail needed to be perfect. All of the readers needed to practice, the slideshow checked and the singing rehearse over and over. What a day!

The mass started beautifully with a elegant song. The mass continued with beautiful readings, a teaching homily and magnificent singing and hymns.  I had the honor and privilege to represent Room 7 with my poem.  Each class in our school had to write a poem our Saint Pius X. I decided to write a diamante poem.

After the mass a cutting of the cake ceremony. Every year we have a big cake, which we share among ourselves. All of the year 8 girls had to help in distributing the cake. Before this happened Oscar and Sako had to cut the cake.

I learnt more about Saint Pius X as I do every year. This feast day was my last and bestest.  

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